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Vacation learning at AGH for Sustainable Industry 4.0 Education

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Business strategies in circular economy logo

Business strategies in circular economy

If you want to gain or expand your knowledge about implementation of the concept of closed-loop economy and acquire new skills and competencies.

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Manufacturing oriented Data Science

If you want to learn issues related to the latest methods of forecasting, optimization, automation, as well as visualization and data analysis of problems in the area of production and logistic processes, choose MoDS.

Structural Health Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing logo

Structural Health Monitoring and Nondestructive Testing

If you are interested in elements of non-destructive testing and technical monitoring of structures, to have the necessary knowledge from the point of view of maintenance of the existing technical infrastructure in each of the mentioned branches, and design of new equipment in accordance with existing regulations and technical requirements for safe operation.

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The project is aimed at international undergraduate, master’s and PhD students who would like to develop their interest in the field of Industry 4.0 with a particular focus on sustainability. Classes are held online, but conducted live by qualified staff of the AGH University of Science and Technology. To ensure the attractiveness of the offer the school is held in the summer and winter edition.

You can join our classes in winter or summer. During winter/summer school, you will be able to participate in one of three dedicated programs led by a dedicated staff of academics who will provide you with the necessary knowledge to educate yourself in your chosen field.

About us

Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków (AGH) is one of the best, most reputable and modern Polish universities. For years it has been at the top of university rankings. It is a leading university in the field of modern technologies on a national and international scale.

The research and teaching staff of AGH is 2205, including those employed as academic staff: 2168, of which 202 are professors, 500 – university professors, 1057 – assistant professors and 307 – assistants. AGH University of Science and Technology has rich didactic facilities, experienced staff and access to modern research equipment and technology, which is a great support for students and PhD students.

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“Studying at the AGH University of Science and Technology allowed me to take part in many projects under the guidance of qualified specialists.”


“Thanks to the knowledge I gained and the university’s reputation, it was easy for me to find my place on the job market.”


“Living and studying in Kraków, I have met many wonderful people with whom I can share common passions and hobbies.”

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